Your love




Your love, brings me high, every minute each day goes by,

your love, brings me down, just like those tears of a clown,

your love, makes me cry, makes me smile, makes days go by,

your love, holds me near, makes there nothing, nothing I fear.


Don't ever go away darling,

don't ever say goodbye,

don't ever change a thing about you,

cause that's the reason why.


Your love, means more, than anything I had before,

your love, keeps me right, every day and every night,

your love, brings me here,

and I'm so happy when you are near,

your love, is so strong,

that when I'm with you nothing goes wrong.


So many people say "I love you",

so many people lie,

so if I ever tell you darling,

there's a simple reason why.


Your love, is so, there is nowhere without you I'd go,

your love, is so true, that I could never, never be blue,

your love.