The Snowman



Thereís a part of me that says the winterís over

And a part of me that says it just ainít so

When I was young, weíd build a snowman

But that now all just seems so long ago

I remember how we never felt the cold wind

And the winter then was more a time of joy

But now Iíve got the bones of an old man

I must admit that Iím no longer that young boy


We were children then but nothing seemed to matter

Knowing nothing we just lived from day to day

Every hour then was more an hour of wonder

Every moment just another time to play

Everybody says the past is never over

Everything I see just tells me it is so

I believe that each day itís getting better

And maybe tomorrow thereíll be snow


When you reach a certain age the days seem shorter

And the mountains that you climbed then now seem small

Could it be that I am getting older

Maybe this old world is giving me the call

All those memories you have are worth a fortune

But nobody seems to care about those days

I could reminisce about a time of glory

When the world looked so much different from today


What is the question, itís always the same

Who knows the answer, who is to blame

Why do we lie knowing what is true?

Why do we do the things that we do.


Many days have come and gone since we were children

Many hours now have passed along the way

But the dreams we had have never yet been broken

And the blue skies now they hide those clouds of grey

Well the winter wind is gone and there is colour

There is life in every corner of the land

We must wait another year to build the snowman

And Iím sure the next one also will be grand