Not 100 % about music but......


Moving was a big thing, getting established in a new area isn't easy but so far things are GREAT.



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Goodbye to a really good guy


I played two times for the Lions and that happened because of Wolfgang Fleischer. I was so sad to hear of his death this year, he didn't just book me for the evening, he became a friend. He will be missed by many people but remembered as a really really nice guy. Rest in peace Wolfgang.

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Britischer Barde


Second time with the good people of Algermissen, another great evening.



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John spielt für die Lions in Elz


ein sehr schöner Abend :)

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Straßenmusik schädigt Händler


Many people have been asking me why I haven’t been playing much in Düsseldorf lately.

If you look at the following article you’ll understand why.


Since the Peruvian/Bolivian/Apaches moved in a lot of the ordnungsamts have stopped us local guys from selling our cd’s and it’s impossible to live without selling them.

My cd’s are not available in the shops so they are no competition for any shop owner and the amount sold isn’t going to hurt WOM or Saturn or any of the other shops anyway.

I’m making contact with all the press people I know and trying to get something started, I’ll post any new news on the website as soon as I have it.

If you agree that we should be able to sell our own cd’s on the street then I ask you please to write or email the Rheinische Post and show your support.


If not all you’re going to have on the streets are just the beggars with instruments.




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Old clippings


Here are a few press clipping from over the years. Click to enlarge.



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