Oh Brother


Oh Brother,
Where are you tonight?
You never came when I needed you
You became the one to trust, but I never knew just why
And for a reason that you know you told a lie
For the way you played the game
To a love that was so tame
I'm asking why?

Oh sisters,
Where are you tonight?
You left me standing there
You were gone before I knew, but you never said a word
All those years that were lost, was so absurd
And the days that were to come
Showed me something there was wrong
I never heard

Oh mother,
Where are you tonight?
You're still inside my mind
You could never understand, how those things had come to be
And for three times, you just tried to set me free
You were there but never here
Though you tried to be so near
Should I blame it all on me?

Oh Father,
Where are you tonight?
Your there in my reflection
You were old before I knew you but you always saw the good
What for you could never be for me just could
Many times I hear you call
Every time I fail and fall
You understood

Oh lover
Where are you tonight?
Are you still a part of me?
You were all that mattered, but now you're just a dream
And the feelings that we shared, were never seen
Now the days we had are gone
And though something went so wrong
We could have been

Well you all belong to yesterday
You are in my past
You won't be there tomorrow
But the memories will last.