Living in the city



The city is a jungle, thereís tigers on the prowl

Thereís wolves round every corner, You can hear the alphaís howl

They tell you that itís easy, just follow all the rules

They never told you city life could be so very cruel

Eventide there glitters, the neon shines so bright

But if you want to live it all, you better learn to fight

No it ainít easy living in the city


Sometimes when youíre lonely, And searching for a friend

You open up and say some things, you know you canít defend

Some people take advantage, they know the way things are

But youíre the new kid on this block, you travelled from afar

The life you left behind you. Now doesnít seem so bad

Thereís something here thatís missing, something that you had

No it ainít easy living in the city


Down there in the jungle, the cats are running wild

They say itís for the good of all, thatís how itís reconciled

Some people are deserving, we know theyíve paid their dues

Some people should just try it, to walk in others shoes

The rats are in the cellars, the rats are on the loose

Theyíve taken everything they need, so you can sing the blues

No it ainít easy living in the city


City life is easy, but you better pay the rent

Or you could end up on the floor, or living in a tent

Beside the rats and in the trash, you find something to eat

The rich man leaves you crumbs to find, thereís kindness on the street

Thatís not what you paid for, when you signed upon the line

Whatís mine is yours they said at first, but now whatís yours is mine

No itís ainít easy living in the city