Land of the brave and free



Thereís an old man sitting on the corner of the street

That nobody wants to see

All heís asking is a warm cup of coffee

In the land of the brave and free

The land of milk and honey they said

And the streets are paved with gold

But Oz was just a dream you know

An like the stories that you were told


Well Itís all a lie;               


Thereís a family living in a suitcase now

But they once had the perfect home

Two cars, two kids, dogs in the yard

But everything bought on loan

Well donít you worry, if it all goes bang

Thereís always a helping hand

But the hand now comes from the soup kitchen lady

In this wonderful freedom land


Well itís all a lie; yes you know itís a lie


What you do when your dreams have all been broken?

What you do when youíve already sold your soul?

You canít go back, youíve too much pride

You canít go on, the dream you had has died


Thereís a young kid sitting in a school room

Sheís trying to climb the tree

Teacher says ďif you follow my lead

I can open your eyes to see.

Just follow the good book line and verse

And youíll reach the Promised Land,

The good lord he knows right from wrong

If you just let him take your handĒ


Well itís all a lie; yes you know itís a lie


Thereís a child thatís born in the new world

But nobody gives a damn

Long as they keep on coming along

The cannons will all be manned

Hand on heart and follow that flag

You can always trust your Uncle Sam

I know somewhere these words come together

Slaughter and lamb


But Itís all a lie;               

Yes you know itís a lie

You know itís a lie

Yes you know itís a lie