Just because


Everything changes, nothing is new

Nobody listens, to words that are true

Someone says maybe, someone says yes

Somebody dies somewhere, guess thatís just one less


Look in your books, look to the past

Youíd be amazed how long that this might last

All we believe in, an all that we know

Was written for a reason, wasnít just for show


You canít deny the writing on the wall

You canít say that you never heard the call

You can tear up every book that ever was

But then you gotta give me something else

Just because


Why canít they listen, why canít they see

They donít know the answers, they canít find the key

The way things are going, Iím really not sure

To whom we should listen or who we should ignore


They say that itís hard, to follow all the rules

Tell it to the children, tell it in the schools

Well I ainít no teacher, I really ainít no sage

But even I can read the lies written on the page


Whenever you feel that something just ainít right

Stand up an argue, put up a fight

Donít be a feared of something going wrong

You can be sure that the memories will be long


Down in the city, theyíre making a grand

Out in the country, theyíre taking the land

If you want to prosper, you better beware

There soon wonít be nothing, nothing to share


You canít deny the writing on the wall.................


If you donít wanna listen to words that are true

Listen to the jokers, listen to the fools

But donít be unhappy if things donít turn out right

Cause youíll be the ones who gave the fools the right



You canít deny the writing on the wall....................

You canít deny the writing on the wall.................