Days gone by




How can I believe you

when I know that all the things you said were lies,

and how can I forgive you

when my heart still calls out loud to you and cries,

and how can I show feelings

when rejection is the only thing I've ever known.


Where am I to go

when every road I take returns me to the past,

and which path can I take

when every lane I find reminds me of the last,

and how can I go on

when something always seems to pull me from behind,


For all the things that I was thinking

And all the days that have gone by

For all the tears that I let fall

To the turns of a river they're running dry

For all the dreams that we were dreaming

I give you them all.


Who will give me loving,

real loving, without breaking me inside,

and who will let me show

that I've got something here to offer with no ties,

and who will take this man

and give him something he can keep forever more.