Iíve seen changes,

In my time

Changes, like water to wine

And places, I thought that I knew

And lovers that I thought would be true

Iíve seen changes in my life that I canít believe

Some of the things that Iíve seen should never have been

Why do we change the things that are going so well?

Sometimes it seems like a choice tween heaven and hell


Maybe, when allís said and done

No one will really have won

You can decide just where you are wanting to be

Sometimes itís really okay we can disagree

Changes are something we do

Why then do we never include?

All of the things that we love but canít understand

Feel as they fall through your hand just like grains of sand


How can I just sit here as the world goes by?

Knowing everything I do

There must be another way

How can I get through to you?

How can I tell you what I feel?

When you ignore what I say

Who will be there when the time is up?

Where will the children play


Lately, I look more to the past

Finding that nothing can last

Changes are good but who are the ones to decide

Changes can bring us together but also divide

Iíve been thinking of how it could be

We should be finding a way that we all would agree

Where do you go when the road you are on is no more?

How do you turn the key when you canít find the door