I've put a small snippet of each song in mp3 format, just click the title of the song and a new window will open and play you the piece. They are each about 30 seconds to 1 min long.


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Ich habe von jedem Song einen kleinen mp3 Clip hinterlegt, einfach den Titel des Songs anklicken und ein neues Fenster wird sich öffnen und den Song anspielen. Die Clips sind je 30 sek. bis 1 min. lang.

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Vanquishing Demons


Aus Gründen der Fairness für alle, die zum CD-Einführungskonzert kommen, ist diese CD bis zu diesem Datum nicht erhältlich. Wenn Sie möchten, können Sie sie jetzt bestellen, aber ich werde sie Ihnen erst am Tag nach dem Konzert zusenden.


01    Time slipping away --------------------Lyrics
02    A bird on the wing ---------------------Lyrics
03    We were young -------------------------Lyrics
04    Try and make it through the night ----Lyrics
05    Go before it’s too late -----------------Lyrics
06    Lost in a box ----------------------------Lyrics
07    You need love --------------------------Lyrics
08    I don’t wanna see you -----------------Lyrics
09    Oh brother ------------------------------Lyrics
10    It’s up to you ---------------------------Lyrics
11    You’re not alone ------------------------Lyrics
12    When you try to say goodbye --------Lyrics


Die Verlinkung zu den Song-Clips und die Lyrics/Texte öffnen sich jeweils in einem neuen Fenster, so kannst Du die Musik hören und den Text gleichzeitig lessen.
Viel Spaß.



Heaven can wait


1.    A glass of red wine --------------- Lyrics

2.    Back to the city ------------------- Lyrics

3.    Beneath the lamplight ----------- Lyrics

4.    Easy -------------------------------- Lyrics

5.    Catch the breeze ---------------- Lyrics

6.    Wonderland ---------------------- Lyrics

7.    Cover your eyes ----------------- Lyrics

8.    Looking for a reason why ------ Lyrics

9.    Worry bout the things you do -- Lyrics

10.  Heaven can wait ------------------ Lyrics



Die Verlinkung zu den Song-Clips und die Lyrics/Texte öffnen sich jeweils in einem neuen Fenster, so kannst Du die Musik hören und den Text gleichzeitig lessen.
Viel Spaß.



It's About Time


1.    On the border ------------------ Lyrics

2.    Not guilty ------------------------ Lyrics

3.    Land of the brave and free --- Lyrics

4.    One day soon ------------------ Lyrics

5.    Charlies tree -------------------- Lyrics

6.    Sennen cove ---------------------Lyrics

7.    Some people -------------------- Lyrics

8.    Just do it ------------------------- Lyrics

9.    Maybe --------------------------- Lyrics

10.  Together ------------------------ Lyrics



The links to the song clip and the lyrics are separate they will open up in new windows so you can listen to the clip and read the words at the same time.


Press review



In Order


1.    Bridge over troubled water 

2.    Crazy

3.    Englishman in New York 

4.    Forever young

5.    Get away

6.    In the ghetto

7.    I don’t wanna talk about it 

8.    Just the way you are

9.    Losing my religion 

10.  San Diego serenade

11.  Stand by me 

12.  Stuck on you 

13.  Will you still love me tomorrow

14.  Wonderful tonight 

Streets Apart


1.   Slave of love –-------------------------- Lyrics

2.   The tide is on the turn –-------------- Lyrics

3.   Days gone by –------------------------- Lyrics

4.   Your love –------------------------------ Lyrics

5.   Northern Girl –------------------------- Lyrics

6.   Isolation –------------------------------- Lyrics

7.   Never fear ------------------------------ Lyrics

8.   Misery (just a bad day)  Whole song – Lyrics

9.   Drive on –-------------------------------- Lyrics

10. Only Human –--------------------------- Lyrics

11. Rain –------------------------------------- Lyrics




Press review




I'm Only human


1.   Lying eyes

2.   The sound of silence

3.   Mr Bojangles

4.   Amsterdam

5.   Southern man

6.   Sara

7.   Man of the world

8.   Rain

9.   The partisan

10. Working class hero

11. Goodbye

12. Help

13. Desperado

14. The boxer

15. Only Human



Rhyme and Reason


1.   Homeward bound

2.   Annies Song

3.   Here there & Everywhere

4.   Best of my love

5.   Old man

6.   Take these chains

7.   Under the board walk

8.   Killing me softly

9.   No way to say goodbye

10. Phoenix

11. Windmills of your mind

12. America

13. Tonight I'll be staying

14. I'm only sleeping

15. Misery

16. Where do you go to

17. So long Marianne

18. Bright eyes

19. Imagine

20. Everything I own

Last Request


1.   American pie

2.   Country roads

3.   Jealous guy

4.   This guy's in love

5.   Jet plane

6.   Streets of London

7.   Your song

8.   Let it be

9.   Sailing

10. Knocking on heaven's door

11. Hey jude

12. Hotel California

13. Without you

14. Suzanne

15. Hey, that's no way to say goodbye

16. Nights in white satin

17. Wild world

18. A day in the life

19. Happiness is a warm gun

Happy Yuletide


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Yes tomorrow it's Christmas