Every day I see you from my window

And every night I dream to be with you

Every now and then I see no answer

But sometimes I just donít know what to do

Days are so much longer here without you

Stars donít shine so bright when youíre not there

There are many things

That I could tell to you

Just to let you know I really care


Where do I begin to show I love you?

How do I explain the way I feel?

You are something I was always searching for

Finding you was really so unreal

I could not imagine ever losing you

Life for me would never be the same

You are something more

Than I was hoping for

Things are so much better since you came


I believe in angels cause I met you

I believe cause I believe in you

I believe that angels come down from up above

I believe in angels and love


Sometimes when I look into the future

I can see you standing by my side

I just hope that you will always be there

You are more the reason Iím alive

Life would be so easy with you near me

Making love to you is what I long for

Maybe if you see

Just what you mean to me

You will understand me so much more